Black Tea Blends
Loose chai tea in a 4 oz tin can2
mango black tea blend3
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Black Tea Blends

Loose tea in a tin can.

Our teas are specially blended for Big Island Bees by Oliver Pluff & Company. Perfect for serving hot or iced. Sweeten with your favorite Big Island Bees honey variety.

All blends come in the same size signature tea tins. Net weight varies. Approximate yield per can is 75 servings (8oz) of liquid tea.

Additional Product Information

Each of our three black tea blends are bold and flavorful and can be perfectly sweetened with any of our raw, unfiltered honeys.

Mango Tea

Refreshing large leaf orange pekoe black tea with marigolds and mango flavor. A taste of the tropics. Delicious both hot or iced.

Passionfruit Peach Tea

The sweet and tart taste of passionfruit mixed with peaches. Orange pekoe black tea with marigolds, orange blossoms, and passionfruit peach flavor. Excellent hot or iced.

Chai Tea

Chai is a blend of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper and vanilla. Originally from India, but now has become a popular drink across the world, chai is served either hot or cold, but always creamy, very spicy, and sweet. Chai tea's net weight is heavier due to the additional weight of the spices.

Brewing Suggestions

Black tea reaches its boldness quickly and only needs about 3-4 minutes in the cup. Sip while it steeps to decide when it tastes best for you. We recommend brewing 1 teaspoon of tea to 1 cup of very hot water (195 degrees).

To make iced tea: double the quantity of tea used per cup to allow for the melting ice which dilutes the tea. Add Big Island Bees varietal honey to taste while the tea is hot, cool down before placing in refrigerator. When cold, serve over ice.

Traditional Chai Tea Preparation: In a pot, add ½ cup water and honey. We recommend Wilelaiki as it's naturally peppery notes compliment the spicy chai. Bring to a boil. Add one heaping teaspoon of chai and ½ cup whole milk. Whole milk works best, though non dairy milks may be substituted or milk may be omitted altogether. Reduce to low heat and simmer for 5 minutes while stirring. Strain through a fine filter into a mug, or for larger batches, just dip your mug into the pot while leaving the chai grains on the bottom of the pot. Sip slowly and relax… For a group, add 1 teaspoon chai per 8 oz mug and increase portions of water, milk, and honey accordingly.

Mango Tea - 3oz
Passionfruit Peach Tea - 3oz
Chai Tea - 4oz

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