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Enjoy the marvelous flavor profiles produced from rare Hawaiian blossoms:

You can read more about our honey, and single-floral honeys in general, in this Culinary Trends Magazine article.

About Big Island Bees

Our family has been producing honey on the Big Island since 1972, selling only honey made by our own bees. 

You'll find our honeys have a more intense flavor profile than conventional honey, because they are produced from a single floral source and aren't heated or filtered. And because we raise our bees organically, and never feed them artificial sweeteners, our bees produce better quality honey.

Don't wait to travel to Hawaii to get our honey. We ship anywhere, and domestic orders $65 and more ship free of charge.

If you are thinking of traveling to Hawaii, we'd love to see you. We have tours of our hives and have a museum where you can learn about honey and beekeeping.


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