Museum & Tasting Room

Step into the World of Beekeeping

Free admission.

There is so much to see and learn at our museum! Come look inside our live, interior demonstration hive where you can try to find the queen laying eggs and watch the bees capping honey. View beekeeping artifacts, learn about the history of beekeeping and find out how honey is made. Our on-site beekeepers and staff are always available to answer questions you may have about the exhibits, artifacts, and displays. Ask them how bees find nectar, communicate, navigate, and hold different jobs within the hive during their short lives. We love sharing our knowledge of and appreciation for bees!

Free Honey Tastings

Make sure not to miss out on the chance to taste delicious raw Hawaiian honey at our sampling station! We offer free honey samples so you'll get to savor the different varieties of honeys made from the nectar of the Big Island’s unique flowers. We hope you'll enjoy it even more with a greater understanding of the process of making it available to you.

Browse Our Store

Also located inside the museum is our retail store. Choose one of our honeys as a gift to take back home or pick up a jar for yourself of your favorite varietal. You can also shop our selection of Hawaiian specialty foods such as coffees, teas and snacks; our specially formulated line of bath and body products; quality merchandise, beeswax candles and more.

Museum Directions & Hours

Hours: The museum & tasting room is open daily Monday–Friday, 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. Admission is free with no reservations needed.

To get here, take Napoopoo Road off Highway 11, immediately south of mile marker 111. Keep bearing right on Napoopoo Road, following signs to Kealakekua Bay. Turn right at Big Island Bees sign immediately past Hawaiian Host Macadamia Factory and Kealakekua Estates (Meli Road). Follow winding lane 2/10 mile and turn right at our gate, where you will find a parking lot in the front. 82-1140 Meli Rd , Captain Cook, HI 96704

Click here to watch a time-lapsed video of the drive following these directions to our farm.

Please use directions above or google maps. Do not follow GPS instructions.

We also offer a scheduled tour (reservations recommended)

If your schedule allows for it, we recommend taking our free Beekeeping Tour Monday-Friday at 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm & Saturday 10 am and 12 pm (weather permitting). You can explore actual hives with our beekeeper and learn where the queen resides, how the hive is organized, and what makes bees so special and interesting. Space is limited so it is strongly recommended that you book a scheduled tour in advance to guarantee a spot.

Beekeeping Tour info here