Lavender Lehua Honey Soap

 Soothe yourself in a wonderful spa – like experience! Who can resist the hypnotizing, relaxing aroma of French lavender?

Lather up with our all natural soap and transport yourself to a magical field of endless lavender. Melt away the cares of your day with calming effects. This soap is overflowing with the finest lavender essential oil and is a classic scent that has been used for centuries. It is been known to have soothing, calming, and restorative properties, and has an earthly flower fragrance.

About Honey Soap:

Our soap is uniquely handcrafted by a pharmacist from scratch in small batches with our organic Lehua honey and high quality oils. A slow, cold process method is used, which means little or no heat is applied so that the natural ingredients are preserved.

This handcrafted soap still has glycerin which, with the addition of honey, acts as a humectant, thereby providing your skin more hydration and better moisture.

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Lavender Lehua Honey Soap
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