Honey Sampler Collection:
Three 9 oz Jars
$ 32.00
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Raw, Organic, White Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey:
Three 9 oz Jars
$ 34.00
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Gourmet Organic
Hawaiian Honey
Gift Set
$ 21.00
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Raw, Organic
Lehua & Cinnamon:
Three 9 oz Jars
$ 34.00
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Raw, Organic, White Ohia Lehua Honey:
47 oz Jar
$ 42.00
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Sunshine Plumeria Lehua Honey Soap $ 7.95
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Single floral, raw honey tastes better and is better for your health

Because the flowers on the island of Hawaii bloom at different times of the year in different parts of the island, our bees collect nectar from just one type of flower when they forage. As a result, the flavors, colors, and textures of each varietal are completely different. The intensity of flavor is also much greater than in honey produced from a collection of different flowers, or honey that has been blended.

And because heating destroys flavor, our honey is raw and unpasteurized, ensuring the flavors aren’t compromised. We don’t filter our honeys either, so they are full of phytonutrients.

Read Culinary Trends Magazine’s article about single floral honey featuring Big Island Bees.



Our honey makes the perfect memento or gift 

Similar to wine, our honeys’ unique taste profiles are based on location — the flowers the bees collect from are only found here. But unlike wine, honey won’t be consumed in one sitting, thereby providing a lasting reminder of your trip, or of your thoughtfulness when you give honey as a gift. Honey is also healthy, tastes great, and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

Finally, our honeys are beautifully packaged, with graceful illustrations of each varietal’s blossoms by noted illustrator Dugald Stermer, providing yet another reminder of your good taste. See our selection of honey gifts here.



Learn about bees & beekeeping when you visit us

When you take our Beekeeping & Honey Tour, you will explore actual hives with our beekeeper and learn where the queen resides, how the hive is organized, and what makes bees so special and interesting.

You will also view tools, pictures, and displays to learn about the history of beekeeping and honey production. And, enjoy free sampling of our delicious, raw, single floral, organic honeys while you explore. Find Tour info here.


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