Benefits of Honey for Your Skin

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We all know that honey is delicious to eat and it's sugars are digested by your body much better than other sugars, but did you know that honey is good for your skin? Honey is used in bandaging to heal wounds as well as in body products. That's because honey is:

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cleansing 
  • Conditioning, softening and healing
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Moisturizing which slows aging

Check out our video above to learn how to use honey as a face wash. Make sure you use raw honey or else you'll, most likely, be washing your face with corn syrup, not real honey. Yuck!

Our friends at Ola Hawaiian Body Products use our honey and beeswax in their face masks, foot creams and salves. My favorite is their new Aina Taro Honey Facial Mask. It's ideal for dry or mature skin. This almost edible mask is made with coconut milk, honey, taro, and banana to deeply hydrate and moisturize your skin. I cannot say enough great things about this company. They source local ingredients, make a great product for your skin and don't test on animals. They're definitely a company you can feel good about supporting! 

More about Ola Hawaiian Body Products

In 2005, on the Big Island, Ola Hawaiian Body Products came together to create a line of Green beauty products that create nourishment from the healing qualities of Hawaiian plants.

Ola Hawaiian Body Products' mission is to be a sustainable, environmentally and culturally conscious business. They create premium Hawaiian beauty products that share the cultural wisdom of “This Land of Aloha” with the rest of the world through their healing products.

Ola Hawaiian Body Products utilizes many locally sourced ingredients from The Big Island including Big Island Bees Organic Hawaiian Honey and beeswax.  

You can learn more about Ola Hawaiian Body Products at

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