Our Honey

Three times a year, our bees are moved to indulge in the nectar of a single type of flower blooming in a unique ecosystem on the remote Island of Hawaii. The pristine and rare geography of the island provide a favorable environment for floral fidelity, which results in remarkably pure and intense flavors unique to Hawaii.

Photo Caption: Bees burst forth from their hives to explore the new location after having been transported there at night under a tarp.


Not all honey is created equal. Even the terminology used to label honey is unreliable because there are few standards set by the USDA. We care where our own food comes from and how it was produced, therefore we want to help our customers know exactly what is in the jar.

We Pack Only the Honey From Our Own Hives

We are a family operation selling only the honey our bees produce. We do not sell honey from third party producers under our label and are therefore responsible both for the care of our bees and the methods by which we produce our honey.

Every jar is filled with pure, raw, unfiltered Hawaiian honey that comes straight from our hives on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Organically Produced, Slow Packed

We adhere to the principles of the slow food movement and believe that foods should be produced carefully and savored. But above all, we believe that nature’s purest foods are also the healthiest and most flavorful. Pesticide and herbicide residues in non-organic honey can taint the flavor and commercially processed methods of packing honey remove and destroy the pollen, enzymes and other compounds that give raw honey its taste and beneficial properties.

We produce all our honey artisanally and organically without the use of artificial feeds, chemical miticides, heat, or filtration and only use organic compounds to care for our bees.

Our ‘Ohi’a Lehua and Wilelaiki honey varietals are certified organic by Where Food Comes From Organic.


We pack our honey in glass jars to preserve the flavor and integrity of the raw honey and then ship them to you with environmentally sensitive packaging, specifically engineered to fit snugly around each jar. Our customers are universally delighted that we put the same care and effort into packaging the honey as we do to produce it.

Our Varietals

We produce three unique, single-floral honey varietals. Each variety comes from a single source of nectar visited by the bees at various locations on the island at different times of year. The distinct properties of each flower are what gives each honey variety a unique flavor.



One of the world's rarest honeys, organic Ohi'a Lehua honey (also known as Lehua honey) is found only in Hawaii, and is produced in late spring and early summer from Lehua blossoms in the Ohi'a forests of Mauna Loa. It is a white, crystallized honey, with a naturally thick, spreadable texture, and a delicate, understated floral flavor. Ideal for tea drinkers, since it doesn't mask the taste of the tea, it is also excellent for spreading on toast, mixing with nut butters, and scooping directly from the jar!

Our Lehua honey is certified organic and bears the USDA organic logo on the label.

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Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey

Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey

Macadamia Nut honey is a premium, dark honey produced in the winter and early spring from the MacNut orchards on the Southeast part of the island. With hints of chocolate, a deep complex aroma, and a soft, velvety texture, it is the one to reach for when you want something sweet on fruit or fruit salad, or on pancakes and waffles.

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Wilelaiki Honey

Wilelaiki Honey

Our most versatile honey, organic Wilelaiki Blossom, is collected in the late summer and autumn from Christmasberry trees on the lower elevations of the leeward side of the island. The tree, originally introduced to Hawaii from Brazil, produces honey with a brilliant amber sparkle and a peppery finish. Wilelaiki combines wonderfully with cheeses, vegetables, and meats. This is a gift for a gourmet.

Our Wilelaiki honey is certified organic and bears the USDA organic logo on the label.

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Lehua and Cinnamon Honey

Lehua and Cinnamon Honey

Our Lehua and Cinnamon honey is unique and delicious combination of our rare, organic Lehua honey and the intense, spicy fragrance of organic cinnamon grown on the Big Island. If you are a cinnamon lover you don't want to miss trying this honey. It is a terrific way to start the morning with oatmeal or toast.

Our Lehua & Cinnamon honey is certified organic and bears the USDA organic logo on the label.

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Did You Know


Hippocrates favored honey as a medicine. The Mayans had a special god for beekeeping. The ancient Egyptians reserved honey for the wealthy. The Norse god Odin attributed his strength and wisdom to the mystical powers of honey. Early Christians saw the honeybee as a symbol of purity. And many cultures, including Celts, Slavs and Jews thought of honey as a food for the gods, while mead (honey wine) was a favored drink of mortals.