Puna Lava Flow Fundraiser Results

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Mahalo! With your help, we raised over $1,200 for the Hawaii Community Foundation's Hawaii Island Volcano Relief Fund. The fundraiser is currently over. However, if you missed it, you can always make a cash donation to  hawaiicommunityfoundation.org. Our tote bags are still available at the same price and can be found here, but please note that the proceeds from these bags are no longer going to the volcano relief fund.

We would like to extend a special thank you to artist, Andrea Pro, who created the artwork for these tote bags. Without her beautiful artwork, this fundraiser would not have been such a success.

Thankfully, our farm is over 50 miles away from the eruption site and is not affected in any way from the lava flow. Our farm and farm tours are operating as usual. As you may know, our Lehua season just ended. The Lehua is found on the Ohia trees, which are primarily found in areas with abundant lava. However, the areas where we have our bees for the Lehua season is still very far from the lava flow. The Ohia trees had a very strong bloom season and we have already harvested over 1,000 pounds of Lehua honey.

As of July 27, 2018, the lava continues to flow from fissure 8 in the Puna district and Volcanoes National Park is still closed. The lava flow has decreased considerably. We hope that if you have a trip planned for the Big Island that you continue with your plans. The Kona coast as well as Kohala and the Hilo area are not affected by the active lava flow. In fact, Kilauea volcano is the longest erupting volcano in human history. It has been erupting for over 30 years! 

If you would like to read more about what is going on with the volcano and Volcanoes National Park (minus any media sensationalizing), we recommend:

This is just the start for many people in the Puna district. Our thoughts are with those who have lost so much in the last few months. We will continue to update you through our social media channels on additional ways you can help. 

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