raw honey syrup for cocktails

Raw Honey Simple Syrup

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raw honey simple syrup

Raw Honey Simple Syrup
(How to Keep the Honey Raw!)

Whether for sweetening cocktails or glazing baked goods, there are many recipes on the web for a simple syrup substitute made with honey, but most of them require cooking the honey - which destroys the beneficial enzymes and antiseptic properties that honey contains in its natural raw form and that you likely purchased it for.

So how do you make simple honey syrup with raw honey and keep it raw? It's simple, really!

Simple syrup is merely a mix of water to sweetener with a ratio of 1:1. Since most honey is already liquid, but is also thicker than water, there is no need to simmer and reduce it down as is needed with granulated sugar. While heating the water can help the honey dissolve more quickly, it does not need to be hot - warm, or even room temperature water will do just fine.

This recipe is particularly good for beverages. You can adjust the ratio of honey to water if you prefer a richer (sweeter) syrup, for example for ice cream and sorbet. You can also create flavored syrup with herbs and spices, if desired.



  1. Warm the water in a saucepan or microwave but do not boil (should be no hotter than 95°F).

  2. Remove from heat.

  3. Pour in the honey.

  4. Stir until dissolved (about 30 seconds).

  5. You can store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

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