certified organic Hawaiian wilikaiki honey in glass jar
three 9 oz jars of big island wilikaiki honey2
large jar of raw honey, organic Hawaiian Christmas berry honey3
honey and cheese pairing brie cheese with wilikaiki honey4
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Organic Wilelaiki Honey

Also known as Hawaiian Christmas berry, this unique Hawaiian honey is ambrosial with a subtle spicy flavor, liquid texture and light amber color. Recognizable by its festive red berries, the Wilelaiki plant is beautifully illustrated on the label of this gourmet honey. Perfect for pairing with cheese, winter vegetables and adding to salad dressings.

Our Wilelaiki honey is certified organic. We produce all our honey on the Big Island of Hawaii without chemicals, artificial feeds, miticides, heat, or filtration.

9 oz Glass Jar - 3 count
47 oz Glass Jar

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