all natural bar soap made with honey
sunshine plumeria handmade hawaiian soap2
mango papaya tropical handmade soap3
spearmint and spirulina soap bar made in Hawaii4
lemon poppy seed exfoliating soap5
moisturizing honey and glycerin soap6
artisinal big island body care soap7
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Lehua Honey Bar Soaps

Our soap is uniquely handcrafted by a pharmacist from scratch in small batches with our organic Lehua honey and high quality oils. A slow, cold process method is used, which means little or no heat is applied so that the natural ingredients are preserved.

This handcrafted soap still has glycerin which, with the addition of honey, acts as a humectant, thereby providing your skin more hydration and better moisture.

Tussah silk is added to all the soaps to wrap your skin in extra luxury!

Sunshine Plumeria
Mango Papaya
Spearmint Spirulina
Lemon Poppyseed
Pure Ohia Lehua

Additional Product Information

Our natural soap comes in five distinct scents, each offering unique benefits to your skin and senses as you bathe.

Sunshine Plumeria

Soft and sweet, this distinctively tropical floral is unlike any other. Most known as the traditional flower used in making Hawaiian leis, Plumeria is a delicate floral with undertones of sweet tropical fruits. Reminiscent of an indulgent island spa – a tropical Hawaiian vacation right in your bathroom!

Moisturizing and lathering, our unique blend of oils tightens and tones while gently balancing your skin. This bar also contains marigold petals which have skin – soothing, antiseptic and moisturizing properties. Showering with the soap is a great way to start or end your day – with a little bit of sunshine every day!

Mango Papaya

These two fragrances are some of the most treasured ones in Hawaii! This bar will delight both your skin and your senses! Juicy, delightful mango meet sweet and succulent papaya - the perfect combination!

Spearmint Spirulina

If you love the classic spearmint gum smell, you'll fall in love with the soap. Spearmint contains menthol which stimulates mental activity enhances mood, soothes muscles and relieves aches.

Spirulina– used many centuries ago by the Aztecs and Mayans – is rich in protein, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, trace elements and vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is thought to help the skin because it contains all the essential amino acids for healthy skin. Other substances in algae, such as chlorophyll, also help clean the skin and strengthen tissue. The soap will leave you feeling cool, energized and refreshed. Bliss for mind and body!

Lemon Poppyseed

Out of the bakery and into the bath – our take on the poppyseed muffin is moisturizing and bright.

Our skin nourishing oils are scented with lemongrass, then loaded with poppyseed for a little bit of scrub. This soap is colored naturally and promises to give a creamy lather while making your skin feel and smell wonderfully clean. Try it in the shower on dull winter skin, in the kitchen on dry hands, or just use it when you need a pick-me up. Just don't leave it unattended on the dessert table – it smells delicious!

Pure Ohia Lehua

Pure and unscented for gentle skin. Extra Lehua honey gives this soap a deeper brown color and acts as a wonderful humectant, attracting moisture to help keep it in the skin.

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