'Macadamia Buzz' Giclee
'Macadamia Buzz' Giclee2
'Macadamia Buzz' Giclee3
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'Macadamia Buzz' Giclee

Walking through my macadamia orchard during flowering season, hearing the humming buzz of thousands of honeybees gathering nectar to deliver to their hives is one of my favorite seasonal experiences. This original woodcut print captures the muted atmosphere of the orchard with the Pueo as quiet sentinel. Pueo is the Hawaiian native owl that hunts and nests in a variety of ecosystems ranging from forests to grasslands

The life of honeybees is depicted in the hive with the female workers attending the large queen alongside the larvae growing inside the cells. The male drone's purpose is to mate with the queen once, which ends his life. Until that fateful moment he can often be found in the hive, but the worker bees will force him to leave if resources get low.

Part of the Hawaiian Honeybee Woodcut Print Series designed exclusively for Big Island Bees by award-winning artist Andrea Pro.

Image Dimensions: 15" x 12"
Digital Reproduction printed with archival ink and paper

These reproductions (giclees) of Andrea’s original art are printed with the highest quality archival inks on beautiful paper, and will last a lifetime when framed with UV protected glass and displayed away from direct sunlight

About the Artist

Andrea Pro is an artist on the Island of Hawaii whose passion for preserving native Hawaiian plant and bird species inspires her handcrafted woodblock art. Her beautiful original woodblock prints convey the essence of a special part of Hawaii that often goes unnoticed. To learn more about Andrea and see more of her art visit www.andreapro.com.