Sweet Passion Gift Box
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Sweet Passion Gift Box

Hawaiian honey is unique and sweet - just like your Valentine! Pair our beautifully illustrated gift set with our specially blended Passionfruit Peach tea to represent the "perfect pair" in an attractive ribbon-wrapped gift box.

Displayed prominently in the Big Island Bees logo and on each Lehua honey jar, the Ohia Lehua blossom is a symbol of love and fidelity. Hawaiian legend tells the story of eternal love between Maiden Lehua and her lover Ohia. Picking this striking flower from its tree is said to cause rain, representing the tears Lehua shed from being separated from Ohia.


1 illustrated gift box containing three 4.5oz jars: Organic Lehua blossom, Organic Wilelaiki blossom, Macadamia blossom

1 tin (3 oz) of Passionfruit/Peach tea - yields approx. 75 servings (8oz) of liquid tea