Look for Hawaii's Seal of Quality on Hawaiian Organic Honey

Posted by Philip Grad on

The state of Hawaii initiated a quality control program in 2006 to help consumers distinguish genuine Hawaiian products from look-alike products that have only partial Hawaiian content or are processed in a significant way outside of Hawaii. This was accomplished by allowing qualified products to bear the "Hawaii Seal of Quality" on a distinctive green and white sticker affixed to the product packaging. In order to qualify, products must be submitted to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture for approval, and an applicant must demonstrate, for fresh unprocessed agricultural products, that such  products are produced entirely within the state, and that they have a state quality rating of Hawaii Grade A. A display of qualifying Hawaiian products is on display at the Honolulu airport on the second level of the Overseas Terminal. Big Island Bees white organic Hawaiian Lehua Blossom, organic Wilelaiki Blossom and Macadamia Nut Blossom honeys are included in the display. We hope you'll have a chance to stop by the display to view all the great genuine Hawaiian products.

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