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Honey Applications

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It will come as no surprise, but we eat a lot of honey! Here are some of our favorite ways to eat raw organic honey: In Tea: Our artisanal honey varietals pair beautifully as follows: Lehua with green tea; Wilelaiki with chai, and Macadamia blossom with herbal teas. With Breakfast: Put honey on pancakes, waffles, cornbread, muffins and toast. As a fish marinade: Mix with soy sauce and hot spices and marinate for a few minutes. To baste a Roasted Chicken: Baste a roasting chicken with honey, butter, lemon and soy sauce. As a dressing: Simply mix any of our raw honeys with vinegar, oil and herbs…and pour over your favorite salad. Or simply drizzle it over a green salad with crumpled blue cheese. Spooned straight from the jar. There are few things as luscious as artisanal single-floral honey! Be careful…it’s addictive! On Fruit Salad: Mix organic honey with lime juice and pour over a fruit salad. For baking: Use honey to replace sugar in most recipes…just slightly reduce other liquids. To fight a cold: Mix hot water, honey, lemon and/or fresh ginger for a great pick-me-up. To promote sleep: As a child, Whendi’s mother always served her hot milk and honey to help her sleep. Try it with your family.

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