Pairing Cheese & Honey for a Quick Snack or Appetizer

Organic honey and chees on crackers 

We may have mentioned before how much we like honey and cheese together. It makes a really simple little dish before or after a meal, and makes for some amazing flavor combinations! We came across these fruit crisps, called “simple & crisp” that seemed like a great way to serve honey and cheese; a nice creative alternative to a cracker that adds an extra level of flavor.

Of course a good cracker is always a good pairing with cheese, or honey. So regardless of what you choose to serve your appetizer on, for pairing cheese and honey we recommend the following (although there are so many kinds of cheese that it’s worth experimenting!)

with Lehua Blossom Honey, try a salty bleu cheese (Saint Agur is an excellent one)
with Wilelaiki Blossom Honey, try a nice brie or other mild cheese
with Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey, try a sharp white cheddar. (pictured above on apple crisps)

And if you have any other pairing ideas, let us know!

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